Getting Started

Getting Started at Foothill Kitchens, LLC is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Register
You can download an application, fill it out and submit by mail or in person. Click here to download the application now.
Alternatively, you can fill out and submit the application online. Upon receipt, an appointment and tour will be scheduled. Click here to register online.

2) Submit Documents
Submit your Certified Food Worker card and your proof of insurance by in-person.

3) Security Deposit
Pay your security deposit and begin booking your days and times.
For those who use the kitchens infrequently, their security deposits always insure them the opportunity to book kitchens when the need arises. If you will no longer be using Foothill Kitchens, LLC your deposit will be returned.

Payment Details

For one-time use rentals and cooking classes the full amount is due before you can start. To determine what kind of category your rental will fit into, please read the rates page. You must pay for your kitchen rental hours when you book your time.
Payment can be made in-person or by mail. Your hours cannot be confirmed without full payment.

Certified Food Worker Card

To work in our commercial kitchens, you are required to obtain a food worker card from San Bernardino County, Environmental Health Services only. Food worker cards from other counties, programs or companies are not an acceptable substitute. Food worker training and test is only offered online. The training and test takes less than two hours and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and costs $22. Call 1-800-442-2283 or visit San Bernardino County's website.

Quick Numbers:

County of San Bernardino Environmental Health Services: 1-800-442-2283
County of San Bernardino Public Health: 909-948-5058
City of Upland Finance Department: 909-931-4130
California State Board of Equalization: 1-800-400-7115

Health Department

All Foothill Kitchen tenants must have their own Health Department License. You can then use this license number to validate your food products and give it to retailers who require it.

County of San Bernardino Department of Public Health
8575 Haven Avenue, #130, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91730
(909) 948-5058

Insurance - must be submitted before starting work in the kitchen

We require all tenants to have general liability insurance. No matter if you are renting the kitchens for one hour or one month, you must have it. It covers our facility and equipment, as well as your products from any damage caused by our facility. You are responsible for the insurance, and most home and car insurance companies offer some kind of general liability insurance. Your policy needs to list Foothill Kitchens, LLC as an "additionally insured" in the amount of $1,000,000.

To Sell Your Product You Need:

A Business License
To become a "Business" you need to apply for a business license. You do not need a business license if you are just testing or developing your product, but you need one when you sell your product.

City of Upland Finance Department
460 North Euclid Avenue, Upland, Ca
(909) 931-4130

Seller's Permit
You need to contact the State Board of Equalization get a Seller's Permit. Their number is: 1-800-400-7115. Press 1, 3, 2, 1 and then 4 to speak to a real person. You can also show up in person at the West Covina office:

1521 West Cameron Ave., Ste. 300, West Covina, CA 91790-2738
West Covina, CA 91793-1500
(626) 480-7200

You may also operate your business under a name that is different from yours. In this case, you'll need to get a "Fictitious Business Name" known as a DBA (Doing Business As). Make sure nobody in San Bernardino has your business name, click here to check on their website. Information and forms are available at their website, click here. Fictitious Business Names cost $40.

As a permanent, 50+ hour tenant:

Once you move in for 50 hours per month or more expect the following:

You will receive a storage rack or designated area for your equipment and supplies. You can leave your stuff at the kitchen until your next scheduled time.

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