Hours per Month

Per Hour


Full Time




One & Part Time




Cooking Classes




Photo/Film Shoots




Full Time
- 50 or more hours per month
- Set weekly schedule
- Some Permanent storage
- $1,000 security deposit / monthly rent due in full when booked
- $20 per hour includes rent and utilities

Part Time
- Less than 50 hours monthly
- $500 security deposit / monthly rent due in full when booked
- $25 per hour includes rent and utilities

One Time
- $500 security deposit
- Full payment when hours booked
- $25 per hour includes rent and utilities

Demonstration Kitchen and Cooking Classes

A demonstration kitchen is available for small group cooking classes; the rate is $25/hour. For larger groups, the adjacent banquet room (accommodates 40) is also available for an additional $25/hour. We are in the planning stages of developing classes, please check back for more information.

Photo and Film Shoots

Prices for filming range from $350 - $1200 daily and can be quoted when details of the shoot are available.

Retail Space

Foothill Kitchens LLC will offers a retail store where our co-op chefs can sell their goods to the public. In addition, we offer many kitchen items for sale - including state-of-the-art utensils and kitchen supplies, as well as gourmet foods and gift items. Contact us if you're interested in selling items in our store. Or stop by and shop for great items and fresh gourmet foods!

Banquet Room

Our Banquet Room is available for $25/hour and accommodates up to 40 people.

All payments must be received prior to move-in. There will be no exceptions.

Utility Fees

Utility fees are included and cover triple net charges based on number of hours reserved per month; this includes electricity, gas, water, sewage, pest control, cleaning common areas (bathrooms, hallways, front & back of building) and trash pick-up.

Security Deposit

The security deposits are fully refundable provided that you have paid all of your rent on time, and that you have caused no damage to our facility. Furthermore, they are refundable after your last month's rent is paid, and that you have given us at least 30 day notification prior to your termination. For full time tenants the security deposit is $1000, and for part-time the deposit is $500.

To Terminate on-going Kitchen Use:

One Month advance written notification is required; last month's rent will be forfeited if this written notification is not received 30 days prior to termination.

All photos are the property of the author/photographer and may have licensing restrictions. Click here for specific details.